God’s Good Vs. the World’s Good

In my own life, my interpretation of “good” is associated with what is just or right.  As a Christian, I believe in God. God is good, upright, just, and righteous. I believe that by giving my life to Him and allowing Him to use me to pursue the calling He has for my life that I will be used for His good.  My son is what I consider to be good.  Having loving and supporting parents, family, and friends are good. Seeking and achieving education is good. I can go on and on about the many things in my life that are associated with the term “good”.

However, people’s interpretation of good varies because of what I’m getting ready to say. Growing up, I always thought everything that was good was of God. You know, like you’re ten and you pass your spelling test with a 90%- it’s good. When I graduated from eighth grade with the highest averages in three out of four subjects- good, right?  Or when I graduated from high school with a 3.8 GPA, won local scholarships for college, and attended Winthrop University- all still good, right? Through life’s experiences and reading a novel entitled Good or God by John Bevere, I learned that everything that appears good to us does not mean it’s in direct correlation with God’s goodness.

Human nature has a way of distorting what is actually good. The story of Adam and Eve in the bible is about Eve’s attempt to feed her husband Adam an apple from the Tree of Knowledge and Evil after being tricked by a serpent.  God explicitly instructed Adam to not eat from that specific tree. Eve gives the apple to Adam from this tree and they both ate. They disobeyed God and He finds out. If you think about it though, as humans, Adam and Eve thought the fruit (the apple) was visually appealing; to them it looked “good” so they ate from it. If it didn’t look good then they probably wouldn’t have eaten from the tree to begin with.

How many things in life simply “look” good to us? If sin came with all of it’s dysfunctions and disadvantages upfront and didn’t look good then we’d probably be more careful about sinning or possibly would avoid it altogether.  It’s really important for me as a Christian not to simply decipher between right and wrong; that’s easy. It’s to distinguish between what is God’s good and worldly good. They are two very different types of “goods”. One type of “good” is eternally motivated while the other is temporarily motivated.

My challenge for you is to really analyze your life and determine what’s God’s good and worldly good. Remember, this will be a process because innately sin is interwoven into our very beings so I encourage you to pray to God. Lastly, ask yourself, “Am I in search of God’s good or do I accept anything that appears to be good?” It’s a life-changing question. God bless you in your discovery.

11 thoughts on “God’s Good Vs. the World’s Good”

  1. I read John Bevere’s book several years ago and needed to be reminded of that message. Thank you for the personal examples, reminder, and charge to determine whether the good we are looking at is of God or this World. I look forward to reading more.

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  2. I enjoyed reading your post! With what’s currently happening in the world, it’s hard to not be distracted from it all. I honestly sometimes see things that are clearly not God’s good as good and I need to work on that.

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    1. Thanks so much! Honestly, up until I read John Bevere’s book Good or God, I really didn’t have an understanding that there was a distinct difference. Great read!


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